DirectLink Merchant

Deposit checks right from your desk

We’ve partnered with DirectLink Merchant to bring you the most convenient and cost-effective business banking image processing solution using an assortment of automation tools, including amount entry, OCR-assisted correction of MICR data, duplicate detection, and image quality analysis. You can now easily streamline your operations, significantly reduce processing costs, and considerably improve productivity by using our solution, which provides:

  • Optimized transaction processing and support with real-time image accessibility;
  • A responsive design which allows enables access from any device;
  • Accelerated cash flow with faster deposits via remote capture, desktop scanners for multiple check deposits, and deposit processing consolidation;
  • Cross-channel controls that minimize processing risks by identifying suspected duplicates or other risky items, including customer transactions that exceed risk thresholds across channels and trigger automated workflows for review.
IC DirectLink Merchant

Optimal Image Processing

Eliminates the Transportation of Paper Check Deposits
Electronically Consolidates Deposits from Distant Locations
Improves Cash Flow and Reduces Multiple Bank Relationships

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