A little extra cash, when you need it most.

If you need more cash for a special occasion, just skip a payment on your consumer loan. Be sure to check the month you want to skip, sign it, and you’re done. If approved, you will need to transfer* $25.00 to us and we will extend your loan for an additional month.

  • Quick approval
  • Only $25.00 to skip
  • One month loan extension

*Skip will not be processed until payment has been received.
Please note: All Loans must have paid six (6) consecutive months of payments before they can qualify for any regular skips. Please be advised that loans are only eligible for six (6) skip-a-pay coupons for the life of the loan, including regular, holiday or covid skips. If a coupon request is submitted that we are UNABLE to process the $25.00 fee will be applied directly to the loan payment currently due. IC is not responsible for any delinquency that occurs due to non-eligibility. Leases, mortgages, equity lines and equity loans are not eligible. Any questions please call 978-353-2671. Equal Housing Lender

IC Holiday Skip a Pay

Skip It for a Month

Consumer Loans only
$25.00 fee to skip
Extend your loan by one month

Easy 3-Step Application

Check the month you want to skip
Sign your submission
Receive a one month loan extension

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