2023 Great Holiday

We’re celebrating the season of giving in a big way

Winter holidays are when our community comes together and celebrates the commitment we have to each other. For the third year in a row, we’ve let you – members and IC team members – choose which charities most deserve our help. We’ve raffled off the chance to nominate your favorite non-profits to receive more than $15,000 in donations from IC. To see who our winners nominated and why, check out the interviews attached to each charity logo below.

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Which charities did our 10 winners select?

Animal shelters, a school, and religious programs are among the groups nominated by both members and team members. Each winning non-profit nominated by our members addresses multiple needs in their respective communities and illustrates the importance of taking care of each other at the most fundamental level.

To learn more about these organizations and why they were chosen, hover over the tiles below for interviews with the members who nominated them.

St. Cecilia's St. Vincent de Paul Society
$ 1,000
Nominated by:
BettyAnn Harrington
Nominated by: BettyAnn Harrington
St. Bernard's Elementary School
$ 1,000
Nominated by:
Deborah Wright
Nominated by: Deborah Wright
Montachusett Chorale
$ 1,000
Nominated by:
Charles Funk
Nominated by: Charles Funk
Our Father’s Table, Inc.
$ 1,000
Nominated by:
David Mullen
Nominated by: David Mullen
$ 1,000
Nominated by:
Christine Melvard
Nominated by: Christine Melvard

Which charities did our 5 winning IC team members nominate?

Much like the groups chosen by our members, the winning IC team members focused their nominations on local, even neighborhood-level charities. These included animal rescue organizations, MS society, Catholic Charities, and many others that dedicate themselves to strengthening the communities in which we work and live.

To learn more about these organizations and why they were chosen, hover over the tiles below for interviews with the team members who nominated them.

Fitchburg Friends of Felines
$ 1,000
Nominated by:
Donna Caouette
Nominated by: Donna Caouette
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
$ 1,000
Nominated by:
Aryana Barrett
Nominated by: Aryana Barrett
Sterling Animal Shelter
$ 2,000
Nominated by:
Laura LaVoie & Dale Ludwick
Nominated by: Laura LaVoie & Dale Ludwick
Catholic Charities Diocese Of Worcester Inc
$ 1,000
Nominated by:
Daniel Ingemi
Nominated by: Daniel Ingemi

$5,000 donated to charities chosen by other IC team members

Remaining IC team members who didn’t win were awarded $100 each to donate to charities of their choosing. Here are a few of the organizations that received their support.

Elizabeth Todorov Toy Drive logo
Sterling Animal Shelter, Inc. Logo
Pat Brody Shelter

Our commitment

We at IC Credit Union strongly believe that a credit union – or any business for that matter – is only as strong as the communities it serves. Since our inception in 1928 as a member-owned non-profit institution, we’ve focused on offering services that provide a positive impact to both our members and their neighborhoods. And throughout the year we’re deeply involved with a wide array of charitable organizations and nonprofits throughout Massachusetts, whether through outreach, volunteering, or corporate giving.

This year’s Great Holiday GiveBack is an opportunity for us to shine the spotlight on a number of these organizations that are close to our members’ and employees’ hearts, and share with you the reasons why.

Click below to learn more about IC’s charitable and corporate giving programs, aimed at making a positive difference in our Massachusetts communities.

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